TONER Exterior/Interior

Dye made from acrylic resins, used to provide color and hardness to different decoative products included within design paints. It is advisable to mix dye and paint by hand, in order not to ruin the final product.

BASIC BACKGROUND - M Exterior/Interior

Waterborne paint for priming the walls before applying decorative paints where an absorptive and porous base is required.

PRIMER BACKGROUND - S Exterior/Interior

Waterborne paint for priming the walls before applying decorative paints where a slippery base is required.


This product creates a mix of blurre effects and colors by means of a combination of different mineral and particles contained in it. Antique effect.

GOTIKO Interior

New high-decoration product, recreates a modern atmosphere full of blurred effects in different tonalities, due to the combination of black and white particles contained in the paint.

GREEK GLAZE Interior/Exterior

Glazing used in both interior and exterior decoration that, by means of innumerable chromatic combinations, enables you to create different atmospheres.

KENIA Exterior/Interior

By applying this product we will achieve a contrast of two tones of the same color, producting tactile and optical effects that will give a personal touch to your home. Sand effect.

METAL EFFECT Exterior/Interior

Futuristic waterborne paint to decorate surfaces with a new a modern metallic effect. Ready-to-use product.

MURO ANTIGUO Exterior/Interior

Paste-like product, made from cellulosic resins that gives your surfaces a peach-skin effect. Suitable to recreate antique and rustic effects. Rustic plastering effect, to finish with Patina Sahara or Plastic Paint.

PATINA SAHARA Exterior/Interior

Waterborne patina in neutral color to be dyed with either universal or waterborne stain. Suitable to be used as protective varnish over Muro Antiguo, or to obtain decorative effects as Veladura.


Synthetic stucco for indoor applications. Simulated marble effect obtained by means of an easy spatula application.


Waterborne decorative finish made from emulsions of waxes, used to enhance high shine, protect and beautiful walls, columns or any surface where Stucco Venice has been applied.